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We're giving back: We are looking for 20 local retailers to help that are affected by the latest lockdown from Thursday 5th November. We’re offering to fund a new online store to help them sell more online and for click-and-collect. (Retailers apply below!)


What we’re giving - for 20 retailers:

  • Creation of online store following our best practice design and layout completely customised to fit retailer’s branding. We normally charge £2,495 + vat for this.
  • Telephone help and advice to get up and running and get the most out of selling online.
  • Marketing and promotion advice as to how to get more new customers to see the store.
  • Option to link into eBay and Amazon to easily sell through those channels too.
  • Monthly support and hosting package included for November and December.
  • From January, retailers can choose to continue with the monthly service at our usual prices (from £84) if they wish to, but there is no obligation to do so and no obligation to pay us anything at all.

Criteria - to qualify:

  • Retailers must have a physical store that is being forced to close from 5th November.
  • The physical store must be based in one of the following postcode areas: HU, YO, DN, LS, LN, WF.
  • Retailers can either have no online store currently, or an existing online store that we can transfer and upgrade as part of the process.
  • Retailers must be looking to sell nationally or internationally through their online store (not just for click-and-collect orders, though this can be part of the system too).
  • Businesses must receive at least 50% of their revenue from retail.
  • These businesses are excluded for ethical reasons: tobacco or vaping retailers; gambling.

Why are we doing this?

  • We all need to help each other in times like this. It’s nothing compared to what so many others are doing (NHS staff, care workers, teachers, etc.) but we want to do what we can to help some of those affected.
  • November is our quietest month of the year: We don’t normally expect to make much money in November anyway, so for November we can afford to help out.
  • We like to think that most of the retailers we help will appreciate what we’re doing and become good customers and pay us for services in the future (but there is no obligation to do so).


If you have any questions at all please just get in touch. You can call us on 01482 626346 or email

Application form for retailers:

Please only apply if you meet the criteria set out above.

We will be prioritising the businesses that we feel we can make the biggest difference to. We expect to be able to respond to applications within 2 working days and start working for successful applicants immediately.


Approximate annual turnover figures:

Depending on demand we may contact you to ask for additional information.

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