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Stock Control

What have we got? Where is it?

For many retailers, stock control is a bad joke. Once a year (if there is time, and there usually isn't), the stock is counted and entered in to a system. For a short time the figures are correct and everybody makes sure to tell the system when a delivery arrives or an item is sold but gradually things drift until the stock system seems to spend most of the time getting in your way.

Don't Just Count Things - Track Them

The problem is that most stock control systems simply store a number in a box until one day the number is wrong and nobody knows why. Did somebody forget to tell the system about a delivery?

Our advanced stock control system keeps track of every unit individually. It's not just three toasters, it's the two toasters that arrived on Monday and the one that arrived yesterday. It's the one that was reserved for Mr Jones, the one you already sent to Mrs Smith and the one you still have available.

A Full Service Stock System

Track stock you don't have yet, right through to delivery.

  • Predict what stock you need and automatically generate Purchase Orders based on historic sales data. Send Purchase Orders from the stock system directly to suppliers in a single click.
  • Keep track of stock deliveries and run reports per supplier to find out easily if anything should have arrived but hasn't.
  • Multiple Location Support allows you to store items on different sides of the country and easily see what you have and where. Set location priorities so the system reserves the easy to reach stock first or even exclude locations if you want to track stock but not list it as available for sale on your website.
  • Display live stock figures on your website and manage online advertising based on stock availability. Why pay for clicks when you have none left to sell?
  • Stock reservation allows you to keep stock aside for an order without removing it from the system. Know how many you have on the shelf and how many are available.
  • Fully automated - stock is automatically reserved when an order comes in and automatically deducted when you mark the order dispatched.



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