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Managing Orders

What was ordered today? Is it in stock? Has it been paid for? Where does it need to be sent?

It's easy to forget that selling online is only half of the story. When the orders start coming in it's important to know you have a system you can rely on to streamline the process and help you to make your customers happy.

That's why we built our system from the ground up to make it easy to get things done.

If that sounds too much like hard work, don't worry. Our system can print picking lists and postage for hundreds of orders in only a few clicks.

One Place for Everything

It can be frustrating having to log in and out of different services all day just to refund a payment or check if you have any orders waiting on Amazon. Our system is seamlessly integrated with many diverse services to save you time and provide you with powerful reporting tools.

  • One Place for Orders - Orders from your online store, sales you made on eBay or Amazon and even telephone orders are all gathered in one place. When you dispatch orders, our system notifies external channels so you don't have to.
  • One Place for Payments - Payments taken directly through your website or via PayPal can be settled or refunded with ease. You can even log payments taken by cash or cheque.
  • One Place for Stock - Our order management and stock systems work closely together, so when an order is received you know what stock is available and where that stock is located.
  • One Place for Postage - Customer addresses are sent directly to your courier service allowing you to print barcoded delivery labels with no need to tediously copy addresses by hand.
  • One Place for Information - With everything in one place, our powerful reporting tools can give you up to date information on sales from a range of channels.
  • Our Order Management system also speaks directly to your product database allowing you to quickly take phone orders, quote prices and check stock all on one screen.

Easy to Use

A system so simple you already know how to use it.

  • Need to add a new order to the system? Click "Add Order".
  • Need to edit the details of an order? "Edit Order Details".
  • To print "Print...", to email "Email...".
  • Our plain English, no-nonsense system is that simple.

If you do have any questions, our technical support team are on hand.

Feature Rich

Other features include..

  • Unlimited custom order statuses to keep track of orders.
  • Mouse over orders to see details without the need to click.
  • Automatic confirmation, dispatch and customer satisfaction emails.
  • Customise automatic behaviour depending on order source (store, Amazon, etc.)
  • Quickly export order information and reports to spreadsheets.
  • Assign orders to individual staff.
  • Automatically subscribe customers to our Newsletter system.
  • Add internal notes to orders to keep track.
  • View the history of any changes to items on orders.
  • View related orders to the same postcode or email address.
  • See referral information and search terms for online store orders.
  • Duplicate an order in one click when a customer needs to order again.
  • Set tax rates on a per item basis and print invoices with tax breakdown.
  • Report on revenue by department, order source (store, eBay etc) and order status.
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