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TV, Radio & Video Advertising

TV, Radio & Video Advertising

The use of Television and Radio in today's world remains immensely popular. Many businesses choose to market through these channels for a combination of auditory and visual elements to help promote their online store effectively in an offline environment.

From a short ad played regularly at your local radio station to online video and television advertising, there are many ways you can utilise these marketing channels to the benefit of your online business and its needs.

Initially specialising in Radio advertising, we understand the true power behind these platforms and how in today's world, they can effectively get people going online and learning about your brand and product fast. Radio and Television marketing also allow you the flexibility to showcase your business in targeted timeslots aimed on channels that suit your demographic, further improving the likelihood of a potential sale.

An example of radio-to-online conversion is the inclusion of your company web address in the advert with an 'online only' offer. Perhaps enticing potential customers to go online with the promise of a limited time sale, or offering a discount code at checkout can really get people visiting your page quickly, looking for a great deal.

You may even want to compliment your online business with a corporate video, helping explain who you are and what you do in a more personal and compelling way for the viewer. Corporate video can often boost brand awareness as well, with many people choosing to share your videos with friends via their social media profiles.

If you do have any questions regarding advertising your online business through video or radio, please don't hesitate to call us on 01482 626343.


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