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Managing Orders

If you are running a busy online store, an easy-to-use and efficient order management system is an absolute must. Our custom built Order Management System was designed with simplicity in mind and allows you to view, check and print your orders with just a few clicks of your mouse. With many in-built features and integration options for Amazon and Ebay, it truly is a customisable platform for managing your business's needs whilst selling profitably online.

Automatic Emails

Automatic e-mails are a great way of keeping your customer informed throughout the order process and can help drastically build both customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our Order Management System enables you to automatically or manually send out e-mails to your customers with ease and reliability, with features such as integration for delivery tracking and multi-channel orders.

Courier Integration

Courier Integration

Sending packages to your customers is never as easy as it sounds, especially when having to complete time-consuming processes in order to do so. Regularly typing up your postage information to the courier system can often take time and lots of hassle. Our system speaks to your courier automatically and imports all correct and relevant customer details for you. All you need to do is click print!

Stock Control

Many retailers selling online will most likely have some form of issue with stock control and ensuring it is 100% accurate at all times. Even if stock is meticulously counted and logged, somewhere down the line the numbers don't seem to match up. We offer a full service stock system that tracks items individually rather than simply counting them, eliminating opportunity for error in the process. With a host of features such as stock reservation and the ability to display live stock figures on your website, your stock is tracked from beginning to end, working around your business and its needs reliably.

Postcode Auto-Fill

Ensuring your checkout procedure is simple and fast for the customer is extremely important for those selling online. Your customer doesn't want to be met with a lengthy form when choosing to buy from you and may even be deterred to the point of going elsewhere. Postcode auto-fill ensures address details are quickly retrieved simply by inputting a postcode and house number, reducing checkout length considerably and ensuring a fast and accurate checkout process is achieved.

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