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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is one of the most powerful forms of online advertising. It allows you to get your products and services in front of potential customers by targeting the keywords they use when searching online.

The main forms of PPC are Google Shopping and Google Text Adverts, find out which one is right for you below:

Text Adverts

Search Engine Text Adverts

Ideal For Brochure Sites (Selling Services)

  • Immediate results - Once the ads are set up your website could go straight to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords.
  • Helps you appear above organic listings so your ads are prominently displayed.
  • Generally less quality traffic than Google shopping as not as visual.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Ideal For Online Stores (Selling Products)

  • Immediate Results - Similar to Text Adverts, once the ads are set up they are immediately visible to potential shoppers.
  • Visual - Results in higher quality traffic as people can see what the product is prior to clicking.
  • Generally works better than text adverts.
  • Higher Conversion Rates - users who have clicked these have already seen the product image and price so have a much higher chance of converting.



Ideal For All Websites (Brand Awareness)

  • Long Term Results - Beneficial long term but takes time, dedication and patience.
  • Helps to list you below the Google Adverts organically for targeted keywords.
  • Focussed more around website content, blogs and links to your website to improve your rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my adverts appear?

Where will my adverts appear?

Google Shopping - Adverts will show when someone searches on the Shopping tab in Google. They will also sometimes appear at the top in a normal Google search, but this depends on what Google want to show – we do not have control over when Google show this.

Text Adverts - We will aim to get your text adverts on the first page, which will generally mean they will appear above the 'organic' searches as shown.

How much will it cost me?

It is completely your choice how much you spend on your PPC, new customers tend to start off by spending £250 - £500 per month, While more established businesses can spend thousands of pounds on the advertising as long as they are getting a good return.

Do you have a minimum term contract for the advertising?

You are not obligated to stay with us for any specific amount of time, if the advertising does not work for you, we will not force you to stay. However, we do recommend sticking with it for at least 3 - 6 months, as this gives us a chance to try different approaches and find one which works and is right for you.

Do I pay every time someone sees my advert?

No. You only pay every time someone clicks on your advert, hence the term 'Pay Per Click'

What if my competitors decide to click on my adverts all day, costing me money?

Google are very good at noticing these things, so if they notice that one specific IP address has clicked on your advert 100 times in a day, they will not charge you for those clicks.

How will PPC help me grow my business?

PPC will help you get your name, products and services out there for all to see. Google is used by over 90% of online users, meaning you will be more likely to be seen on this, than any other search engine. As long as your prices are competitive, your website is fresh, and you are willing to grow, PPC should increase traffic to your website and in turn increase your profit.

Can you target specific people, times and locations with PPC?

Yes, there are a variety of targeting options available through Google, we can restrict advertising or alter what we spend on searches from specific locations, days, hours, devices, ages, gender and even household income.

Can PPC make me as successful as my competitors?

Pay Per Click is a good start to get your business known and increase your number of orders. In a lot of cases, it can make you as successful as your competitors, but you also need to take other things into consideration, such as your prices, delivery, products etc.

Why should I choose you to manage my advertising? Can't I just do it myself?

We have a lot of resources and well adjusted methods of advertising which works for the vast majority of our customers. We are also a certified shopping service partner which means that we receive a 20% discount on all Google Shopping bids, which almost covers our entire advertising fee. 

Anyone can sign up to Google Ads and do advertising themselves, but it can take a lot of time, work and research in order to do it well, and we can take the hassle out of it for you.

If I'm doing really well on Google, are there any other opportunities you can offer me to grow my business further?

Google receives the most traffic out of all other search engines, and offers immediate results. This is why we initially suggest Google advertising to start with. From here we can also set you up on Bing advertising, which gets a lot less traffic, but also has a lot less competition. Also, another thing you could look into is SEO, which has the potential to get you higher up in the organic traffic, but this is a long term endeavour and can be a lot more expensive.

Will advertising with you increase my sales?

With PPC there is never a 100% guarantee of anything. There are many variables which this depends on, but if your products are at a competitive price, there is customer demand, you have a modern and up to date website and unique selling points, chances are, pay per click will help to improve your sales. But it is always worth looking at your competitors before starting your advertising.

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