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Automatic Emails

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Keeping your customers informed as their order progresses is an essential part of any online ordering system. Our Order Management system sends out emails automatically at key stages such as when an order is received or dispatched.

  • A Personal Touch - It's easy to update your email templates at any time with seasonal messages and important information.
  • Brand Continuity - Automatic emails are delivered with your company logo and contact details to provide a seamless customer experience between your website and communication.
  • Delivery Tracking - When our system speaks directly to your courier, emails automatically include useful information like tracking codes without the need to copy them over by hand.
  • Multi-channel - Different automatic emails can be set up for orders that come in via Amazon or eBay so customers always see the information that applies to them.

As well as sending emails automatically you can also keep a collection of email templates to have on hand in other situations. In just a couple of clicks you can let customers know what is going on without the need to type the same message again and again.

Building Loyalty

Thank you for your order last month - here's a special offer!

Automatic emails can be set to arrive many days after the event that triggered them, allowing you to easily keep in touch. Attract repeat custom with reward points and other promotional incentives.

Make customers feel valued by sending out survey emails while encouraging valuable feedback on review sites to build up a good reputation on Google.

Not Just For Customers

Keep things running smoothly by sending automatic emails to staff and suppliers.

When orders come in, things need doing. Staff in the warehouse need to locate a pallet, the people in the factory need to paint something green. Somebody in the depot needs to book a delivery slot and the company you buy widgets from needs to send some more widgets.

With automatic emails, everybody can be told what they need to do and you don't need to do anything.

Something Special?

We can design and build personalised bespoke email templates with any features you can think of...

  • Automatically include an apology if an order took too long to send out.
  • Calculate information for customers who paid by finance.
  • Tell customers who ordered after a certain time that their order will not be sent until tomorrow.
  • Send emails to different suppliers depending on what was ordered.

Whatever your needs, our automatic email system can be customised to work for you.

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