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Features of our service:


We own and run our own internet servers. We do not resell another company's services, giving us the flexibility to do what you want us to, when you want us to. Very few of our competitors can claim the same.

Speed, Reliability & Backup

We have servers located in London and Brussels (for backup), all of which are directly connected to networks with multiple major connections to the internet, ensuring excellent reliability and speed for your website.

Fanatical UK Technical Support

No jargon, no call centres, no queues. no ticketing systems. Just excellent help and advice when you need it from 8am to 5.30pm Mon - Fri, plus our dedicated 24 hour emergency line at all other times.

Google (UK) Advantage

Having our own core servers based in the UK means, according to independent evidence, our clients' sites are better placed by the No1 search engine.

Junk Email Filtering

Our systems triple filter junk e-mail, allowing us to block more than 85% of all junk e-mail destined for your mailbox.

Domain Names Included

All of our web hosting packages include 2 or .com domain names as standard.

Other standard features include:

  • Unlimited e-mail addresses for up to five users
  • Daily visitor stats including how visitors are finding your site
  • Anti-Virus protection for any emails received
  • Secure back-up of your website content and product information
  • 24hr access to updating your website
  • State of the art technology so your site loads as fast as possible
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