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Professional Writing Service

Professional Writing Service

When running your online store, data quality is vital to your long-term success, helping customers make a more informed decision when browsing your product catalogue and making genuine purchases that result in fewer issues down the line.

With this in mind, it is important to recognise any issues within your catalogue that could be affecting your sales, including:

  • No Data or Minimal Data – Many products on your website could benefit from a more 'in depth' product description or general tidying up such as better quality images and unique information such as colour, size or weight. Lack of product detail could be the reason why customers are not purchasing particular products or items and going elsewhere.
  • Duplicate Data – If your products are imported from an external catalogue or source, your product descriptions are identical anyone else using this data. No matter how descriptive this information is, this is bad for Search Engine Optimisation and can stop you from ranking well within the natural Google listings.
  • No Time – Running an online business can be an extremely busy day-to-day operation and can mean there is little time to rectify any issues within your data yourself.

Spark can help! We have a dedicated in-house copywriter who can work with you to build up and optimise your online catalogue and ultimately improve customer experience. 

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