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Courier Integration

How hard can it be to send a parcel?

Every day online retailers across the country receive orders and discover that sending things out may not be as easy as it sounds. Simple tasks like printing out addresses and going to the Post Office may work well for one or two parcels a day, but can soon become time consuming and impractical.

Many retailers save time by using a courier service that conveniently collects parcels and makes it easier to buy and print postage from the courier's own system. Unfortunately this usually means swapping one time consuming exercise for another.  Typing all of the postage information in to the courier's system can become a full time job.

Save Time

All you have to do is click print!

Our system automatically speaks directly to your courier and tells them everything they need to know including the customer's name, address and selected delivery method. The courier system replies with a tracking code (which can be emailed to the customer) and a label to print.

All you need to do is peel off the label and stick it on the parcel.

Keeping Track

When the courier turns up to collect the parcels our convenient reports tell you exactly how many labels you printed today, so you can make sure everything is accounted for.

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